What To Expect

Appointments to all of our office services can be made on the phone with our helpful staff. The average time for a first time visit is 45 minutes to an hour with additional time allowed for paperwork. The first visit will include a history of the problems you wish to discuss, exam, decision of treatment approaches and first treatment. A care plan will be discussed including treatment schedule, home therapy and rehab, work habits and ergonomics, posture, lifestyle, diet and nutrition evaluation. Referral to other practitioners can be explored as you join our office in trying to feel better and stay better. Follow up visits can be scheduled for one service or combined services such as acupuncture and chiropractic, massage and chiropractic, massage, diet assessment and NAET.

Our office manager will review all fees and help you understand your insurance coverage. Most plans cover chiropractic care at the specialist co-pay and health benefits accounts may also cover some services. In general, acupuncture, massage and other specialties are not covered by insurance. We will file all claims in a timely fashion and gladly answer any other questions. We try to run on time but allowances must be made for unexpected clinical complications. Our reception area has a free book box as well as an informative lending library that adds interest to any waiting that may occur.

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